PeerSource looks to expand summer internship program

by: Samantha SnellingsAugust 05, 2022

PeerSource recruits information technology talent for clients nationwide, while its sister company, Nextaff, provides healthcare talent to facilities in several markets. Together, PeerSource and several Nextaff franchises are supported by shared services entity PSN Staffing.

PSN interns are given the opportunity to work with multiple Nextaff franchises and Managing Partners around the country. It is a great opportunity to learn from many different entrepreneurs and business drivers that are veterans in the industry. It is also a great way to see how multiple offices and managers can work together to help each other succeed.

John Snellings, Co-Founder of PeerSource and multiple Nextaff franchises, shared his perspective about how the internship was designed for his companies. "Our goal is not only to identify future talent for our firms and clients, but to also impart knowledge and share our entrepreneurial experience with aspiring young leaders," said Snellings.

An internship with PSN is not your typical internship; these young adults get to learn and practice all different sides of the business. After a brief training period, they get to recruit, interview, hire, and onboard talent. Additionally, an intern at PSN will quickly learn that business development is just as important as recruiting quality talent. They reach out to potential clients by making calls, sending emails, and support various marketing strategies. They also contribute to the growth of the different Nextaff franchise's social media presence by utilizing their own creativity and expertise to craft content.

"Being in the recruiting industry, we know the importance of getting real-world experience on a resume to stand out from the other college graduates," said Trevor Richards, a Director at PeerSource. "Our action-packed internship program gets them solid business experience in a fun, relaxed environment."

This internship has created some great opportunities for college students, who get a chance to come back to the team as full-time employees after graduation. Snellings hopes that in the future, PSN can support a year-round internship program to give even more young adults the opportunity to be a part of it.

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