Subject Matter Expert Group

This innovative group is one that, as the name suggests, you as a technology pro must qualify for. The prestigious SME Group helps us submit the best talent possible for our clients by doing something most recruiters can’t; providing in-depth technical interviews in a chosen area of expertise! How many times have you sat down with arecruiter and walked away frustrated by their lack of industry knowledge and technical skill? More than once, right? While technical recruiters bring a lot of value to the table, most do not have a deep understanding of .NET, the newest EHR system or the latest technical breakthrough. That is where the SME Group comes in.

Our experienced recruiting team will identify a pool of candidates and narrow the list to the top 2 or 3 for the position. We’ll then reach out to our SME Group members who have qualified as an expert in that particular technology with a request that a technical interview be done within a certain amount of time. Typically, we need these done quickly, so interested SME Group members should let us know right away if you are interested and give us their availability. We’ll select the SME based on the timing, their background, past write-ups for candidates, other past experience with each other and any other factors we feel are applicable. We’ll notify the selected SME and help coordinate the process including providing a plan for the best practices, helping to set up interview times, sending the SME notes on the client need and the job description, providing a copy of the candidates’ resumes, etc.

Not available because you’re working on a big project at work? Out of town on vacation? Feel like there may be a conflict of interest? No problem! Shoot us over a quick email to let us know and we’ll contact you again for the next opportunity.

We allow for 1 hour total for the interview and the write up concerning the candidate. Because time if of the essence in our business, we’ll need your candidate write up immediately after you complete the interview. You’ll want to plan on 30-40 minutes for the interview itself and 20-30 minutes immediately following to send over your review of the candidate. Based on your recommendations and interview notes, we may or may not pass along the candidate for the position. Oh, and we’ll pay you well for your time while allowing you the maximum in flexibility. Our rates depend on the career level and expertise of candidates that you qualify to interview, as well as your experience. We’ll agree upon a rate before you start. An agreement is required for this. Contact us for more details!

Interested? Let us know. We’ll see if you qualify and let you know about our present need for more help in your area of expertise. In order to qualify, we’ll need you to demonstrate your expertise through referrals and/or testing. Referrals are often sufficient. Competitors, recruiters, clients, and individuals whose identity we cannot identify are not eligible to join our group.

Once approved, we encourage you to join our LinkedIn group, the PeerSource SME Group, to stay plugged in. JOIN HERE

Contact us today for more details and to see if you qualify.

Don’t make the mistake of discounting this as “small potatoes” because you can earn significant money with each of these groups, and may qualify for all of them! The PeerNetwork looks great on your resume and allows you to keep your skills sharp and relative. Even more valuable may be the relationships you build at our private events, on our trips and with other PeerNetwork members. Let’s move forward together.