My Daughter Is Dying From This Rare Disease

by: Amber OlsenAugust 04, 2021

My Daughter Is Dying From This Rare Disease. Today is World MSD day.

Did you know that there are several foundations dedicated to funding the cure for Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency around the world? All parent-led organizations, these foundations and the work they do are critical to pushing research forward to save our kids, the ones we know and those we’ve yet to meet, by creating a treatment to #CureMSD.

This year, we are commemorating the first annual MSD World Day on July 30, 2021, which falls on the birthday of Prof. Dr. Med. Thomas Dierks, one of the researchers involved in the identification of SUMF1 - the altered gene in individuals with Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency. This crucial discovery enabled further research to take place, and with the creation of the United MSD Foundation, and other foundations across the globe moving this discovery forward, propelled the dream of a cure into a reality.

Join us on MSD World Day to commemorate this monumental discovery. Honor the children and their families who despite living with the agonizing effects of MSD everyday, push forward with tremendous courage to change the future of this disease.

Get to know our partner foundations: (Ireland) Curamsd (Spain) Fundación Cure MSD - Una Cura Para Alma (Argentina) Grant Us Grace (United States) Strengthan (United States)

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PeerSource is a proud supporter of the United MSD Foundation. Amber Olsen is a personal friend of the Snellings family.

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