Dream Team: Attracting the Best Candidates Via Marketing

by: Elena StewartMarch 23, 2022

Hiring well-qualified candidates from the get-go is the fastest way to save money and keep business flowing smoothly. But the most talented individuals often have the steepest requirements - if you want to entice the best, you’ll need to transform your company into a desirable place of employment.

Offer Attractive Benefits

An attractive remuneration package combined with top-notch benefits is the number one way to attract skilled, experienced individuals who are looking for growth and career advancement. Compensation has quickly become one of the key factors in maintaining employee satisfaction, with regular pay raises preventing high staff turnover rates. It’s a simple one, but it’s still key.

Paid time off is also an important part of preventing work-related burnout. Excessive stress causes lower productivity, poor morale, and may tip your team members in the direction of a more attractive job offer. If employees are offered regular leave and encouraged to use it, they will feel far more valued and, ultimately, become more willing to contribute to the overall success of the company. 

Create a Unique Culture

It’s important that any potential employee coming in for an interview gets a taste of what a day in the office will feel like. Although a shift in culture won’t happen overnight, start by identifying aspects of the working day that you feel could be improved on and brainstorm a few ideas on what you’d like to change. 

The best course of action would be to get input from your employees, as they have first-hand knowledge of which of your proposed changes will best increase morale. Once a better vibe is implemented in the workplace, potential candidates will pick up on the new culture through the moods of your staff, right from the receptionist that greets them all the way to your c-suite.

Use Social Media Effectively

While it’s true that many businesses use social media to market their business, not many realize the potential it has to showcase the work-life of your company to prospective talent. Ensure that all content is well-curated for your target audience and make use of effective techniques - like creating a recruitment video

When utilizing a platform like Instagram, you’ll want to be sure that each post appears as professional as possible, so editing tools will take your pictures to the next level, as well as resize images for Instagram. Hiring a social media manager could also prove beneficial for both your marketing and recruitment efforts.

Establish a Referral Program

Once you’ve transformed the culture of your company, your existing employees will have first-hand knowledge of the benefits of working there. Creating a referral program allows them to sell job openings to high-quality candidates that are in their social circle on your behalf. They will also be able to discern whether the character of a potential recruit is a good fit for the company before they step foot into the office for an interview. 

While it’s always possible to train an unskilled individual into a valuable employee, these efforts often require time and money. It makes sense, then, to instead focus on recruiting well-qualified employees. This will allow you to redistribute your resources towards driving profit. Although indirectly, implementing small, meaningful changes to your recruitment efforts will make a staggering difference to your bottom line in the long term.

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