About PeerSource

We Care

WE CARE to understand people and their job requirements.

Unlike other recruiters, our priority is you, not us. Our core promise is to understand both hiring leader AND candidate requirements, and get the details right for both so that we can place the RIGHT person, the FIRST time.

We interview every candidate TWICE to ensure they are qualified prior to submitting their resume to you. You'll receive a detailed Recruiter Summary which highlights why we believe the candidate is the right fit for YOU.

We will NEVER waste your time transactionally shuffling keyword-based resumes to you with no due diligence performed.

We Learn

WE LEARN and as we repeatedly engage, we get BETTER.

Once you are our partner, we make learning about your preferences a top priority to get solid results. We want to know your:

  • Company culture
  • Team dynamics
  • Gaps in skills
  • Company initiatives & goals
We Help
You Grow

WE HELP YOU GROW so that you spend less time recruiting, and more time building.

We believe that by minimizing the time you have to spend recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding, we can help mitigate that opportunity cost. Lost time = lost dollars.

This is what distinguishes us from our competitors and positions us to confidently offer our 3-year guarantee on FTE placements.