4 Great Jobs for Seniors Who Aren't Quite Ready to Retire

by: Sharon WagnerFebruary 25, 2021

Some seniors approach retirement gladly. They can't wait to have all that time to travel, pursue their hobbies, and spend extra time with their loved ones. Other seniors don't have such a rosy outlook on all those unfilled hours. Many seniors decide to find work after they retire from their full-time jobs, as it can be a great way to make friends as well as stay active mentally and physically. If you have retired and decided that being at home all the time isn't for you, there are plenty of job opportunities that can help you keep one foot in the working world.

Ready to find work? PeerSource presents three jobs great for seniors looking to come out of retirement.

Driving Jobs

If you own a car and enjoy driving around, think about getting a job as a driver. Companies like Lyft and Uber are happy to have seniors onboard their teams. Because you'll be an independent contractor, you can make your own hours. You can be an on-demand driver as much or as little as you want. That gives you plenty of flexibility to work around your social schedule or travel plans. Plus, you'll get to meet a lot of interesting people along the way. If you aren't keen on the idea of sharing your car with strangers, look for courier or delivery driver work. This will involve dropping off stuff instead of people, meaning you'll be out and about but avoid the chit chat.

Working in Schools

There is a teacher shortage in the United States. To combat this issue and give students more one-on-one attention, schools are hiring teacher's assistants to help in the classrooms. Teacher assistants work alongside the teacher to help children with their homework, shepherd them from room to room, and assist on field trips. It's a great position for seniors, as the hours are during the day and you'll have all the school holidays off. Working with kids can help keep you young, too. Teaching assistants aren't the only jobs available in schools; you may be able to find a position in the school office, as a health aide, in the lunchroom, or as a reading coach.

Pet Sitting

If you'd rather spend your retirement years with animals, then consider becoming a pet sitter. There is a growing demand for pet sitters as more people are relying on dual incomes and long working hours to make ends meet. Services such as Care.com and Petsitter.com allow you to register as a pet sitter and connect with people in your local area who need your services. You can set your own rates and schedule, as well. If you don't want animals in your home, you can also register as a dog walker. You'll pick animals up at their home and take them on a stroll, great for both you and the pets. The flexible hours mean you can work as much or as little as you want, and you'll make plenty of furry friends while you are at it.

Consulting services

After spending years honing your skills in your chosen industry, why not put those skills to work as a consultant? Working as a consultant offers the freedom and flexibility of working when it fits your schedule and you get to tap into all that knowledge you’ve gained. Look to job board sites for freelancers to dip your toe into the water. From human resources to IT services to accounting to architecture to engineering to writing and more, there’s something for everyone. Before too long, you could have a growing side business to fund your retirement.

The retirement years don't have to be boring or lonely — or without an income for that matter. There are many opportunities for seniors who wish to continue working long into their retirement years. With the right technology in your pocket, you can put your years of experience to good use by finding a job that you'll love.

If you have an IT background and you’re looking for employment, PeerSource recruiters can point you toward a variety of IT jobs that could be a perfect match for your skills and experience.